oil on canvas
150 cm x 120 cm x 12

The series Männerphantasien consists of oil paintings of text extracts describing the male body found in various novels written by more or less heterosexual men. The extracts are painted in black on white canvas; the font is Times New Roman. The title is taken from Klaus Theweleit’s book Männerphantasien (Verlag Roter Stern/Stroemfeld, 1977); each painting is a stand-alone work and is titled after the name of the author of each extract.

Jan Guillou (courtesy of private collection)
Thomas Mann
Dean Koontz (courtesy of private collection)
Alexandre Dumas (courtesy of private collection)
Vilhelm Moberg (courtesy of Mörbylånga Kommun)
David Morrell (courtesy of private collection)
Pär Lagerkvist
Ernest Hemingway (courtesy of private collection)
Ian Fleming
Jean-Paul Sartre (courtesy of private collection)
Viktor Rydberg
David Herbert Lawrence (courtesy of private collection)

Krognoshuset, Sweden, 2016
Kunsthalle Rostock, Germany, 2012
Kalmar Konstmuseum, Sweden, 2010 - 2011

Rymden, Sweden, 2012

assistance: Lisa Vipola
photo: Aida Chehrehgosha


Kalmar konstmuseum 2010-2011
Männerphantasien: Kalmar konstmuseum 2010-2011

David Morrell, 2010
Männerphantasien: David Morrell, 2010

Thomas Mann, 2010
Männerphantasien: Thomas Mann, 2010

Jan Guillou, 2010
Männerphantasien: Jan Guillou, 2010

Alexandre Dumas, 2010
Männerphantasien: Alexandre Dumas, 2010

Kalmar konstmuseum 2010-2011
Männerphantasien: Kalmar konstmuseum 2010-2011

Vilhelm Moberg, 2010
Männerphantasien: Vilhelm Moberg, 2010

Jean-Paul Sartre, 2010
Männerphantasien: Jean-Paul Sartre, 2010

Dean Koontz, 2010
Männerphantasien: Dean Koontz, 2010

Viktor Rydberg, 2010
Männerphantasien: Viktor Rydberg, 2010

Kalmar konstmuseum 2010-2011
Männerphantasien: Kalmar konstmuseum 2010-2011

Ian Fleming, 2010
Männerphantasien: Ian Fleming, 2010

Ernest Hemingway, 2010
Männerphantasien: Ernest Hemingway, 2010

Pär Lagerkvist, 2010
Männerphantasien: Pär Lagerkvist, 2010

David Herbert Lawrence, 2010
Männerphantasien: David Herbert Lawrence, 2010