The Illustrated Man
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The Illustrated Man consists of 12 tattoos created on the artist’s own body; each individual tattoo being a component of each art project the artist initiated during the time he spent as a student. The title is taken from The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury (Doubleday & Company, 1951).

"The works of Oscar Guermouche are based upon and makes frequent use of text with his own body serving use as "book" or "exhibition space". In the spring of 2002, he started a project involving tattoos with the aim of leaving a fragment or component on his body of each art project that he initiates. The objectification of the own body has caused a change in relation to his environment; complete strangers feel entitled to comment on, point at and sometimes touch his body to read the words that have been tattooed thereon."
Magnus Bärtås (editor), Texst, Konstfack, 2004

Art Copenhagen, Denmark, 2012 (selection)
Karlskrona Konsthall, Sweden, 2012 (selection)
Galleri Anna Thulin, Sweden, 2012 (selection)
Kalmar Konstmuseum, Sweden, 2010-2011 (selection)
NCCA/Kaliningrad State Art Gallery, Russia, 2009
Virserums Konsthall, Sweden, 2009-2012 (selection)
Konstfack, Sweden, 2009

Il Corpo Solitario, Rubbettino Editore, Italy, 2012 (selection)
Geist, Sweden, 2006 (selection)
Texst, Konstfack, Sweden, 2004 (selection)

Och ingen vet hurudan jag är (2002)
The Illustrated Man: Och ingen vet hurudan jag är (2002)

Ida och Oscar (2002)
The Illustrated Man: Ida och Oscar (2002)

Trompe l
The Illustrated Man: Trompe l'œil (2002)

Namna (2003)
The Illustrated Man: Namna (2003)

50 (2003)
The Illustrated Man: 50 (2003)

Så här går man (2003)
The Illustrated Man: Så här går man (2003)

Behaviorism (2003-2004)
The Illustrated Man: Behaviorism (2003-2004)

Din hund är sjuk (2005)
The Illustrated Man: Din hund är sjuk (2005)

Signum 1977-2007 (2008)
The Illustrated Man: Signum 1977-2007 (2008)

Sent Items (2006, 2009)
The Illustrated Man: Sent Items (2006, 2009)

Vi vill åka till Moskva (2008-2009)
The Illustrated Man: Vi vill åka till Moskva (2008-2009)

The Illustrated Man