The Fourth Person Singular

The series of paintings consists of extracts from hip-hop lyrics. Recurrent in the paintings is a rhetorical reasoning about the ego and the artistic alter ego. The title The Fourth Person Singular is taken from the poem “To the Oracle of Delphi” by the American poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti.


Series, oil on canvas,

120 cm x 100 cm x 12.

“Antonio Hardy”

“Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr”

“Cameron Jibril Thomaz”

“Clifford Smith”

“Curtis James Jackson III”

“Dwayne Michael Carter Jr”

“Erik Francis Schrody, Leor Dimant, and Daniel O’Connor”

“Jason Vasquez, Ralph Medrano, and Tyrone Pacheco”

“Jay Wayne Jenkins”

“Kanye Omari West”

“Marshall Bruce Mathers III”

“Russell Tyrone Jones”

“Antonio Hardy” courtesy Stockholm Konst.